Let's build something fun this summer!

Work with a remote mentor, and alongside students across the US, to build an app or game of your own design. All students are welcome, even if you only recently started coding!

CodeLabs is like a virtual internship for everyone.

CodeLabs is a 100% online summer program, where you're assigned a mentor to work with to help create an app or game in just two weeks. You can participate anywhere in North/Central America, and can work alone or with a group of friends.

What happens during CodeLabs?

  • Mentorship: You'll be matched with your own mentor and have regular meetings to help you complete your project, and to learn more about working in technology.
  • Real-time Coding Help: Get live coding help from our staff and volunteers whenever you need it through a 24/7 chat, and through regular office hours.
  • Tech Talks: Join us for online workshops where we dive deep into modern technologies, what it takes to create a startup, and more!
  • Build Something Awesome: Like CodeDay, the core of CodeLabs is about bringing your ideas to life.

What can I learn during CodeLabs?

Check out the schedule.

Register for CodeLabs 2019!

Registration is closed.

CodeLabs 2019

  • Starts: Monday, July 8
  • Ends: Friday, July 19
  • Location: Virtual
  • Cost: $12 (can't afford it?)
  • Registration is closed.