CodeLabs 2019 Schedule

Mentor Meetings

It's up to you and your mentor to schedule four meetings total:

  • Two meetings during the week of July 7-13
  • Two meetings during the week of July 14-20


We're hosting a ton of helpful workshops during CodeLabs, listed below. You'll also get an email and text-message reminder before each workshop.

All workshops are streamed on

All times below are in Pacific Time. (Add 1hr for Mountain Time, 2hr for Central Time, 3hr for Eastern Time.)

Pre-CodeLabs Workshops (July 3-5)

  • Wednesday, 3pm PT: Intro to Mobile App Development (prerequisites & notes)
  • Friday, 2pm PT: Intro to Game Development and...
  • Friday, 3pm PT: Intro to Web Development

Week 1 (July 8-13)

  • Monday, 3pm PT: Design Thinking: What Will You Make?
  • Tuesday, 10am PT: Git Workshop: Keeping Track of Code and...
  • Tuesday, 3pm PT: Planning Your Project: How to Get Things Done
  • Wednesday, 5pm PT: Doing The Least Work Possible: Features vs Benefits
  • Thursday, 3pm PT: How Companies Raise Money
  • Friday, 3pm PT: Getting Your Project on the Web (With Docker)
  • Saturday, 3pm PT: What's an API and How Do I Make One?

Week 2 (July 15-19)

  • Monday, 2pm PT: Getting an Internship or Job in CS
  • Tuesday, 2pm PT: Electronics PCB Design Workshop, Presented by DigiKey
  • Wednesday, 2pm PT: Modern Web Development With React - Canceled
  • Thursday, 2pm PT: Pitching Your Project (And Yourself)

CodeLabs 2019

  • Starts: Monday, July 8
  • Ends: Friday, July 19
  • Location: Virtual
  • Cost: $12 (can't afford it?)
  • Registration is closed.