Code of Conduct

We want all students who participate in our programs to feel safe and welcome. When a community member does something which jeopardizes that feeling for others, we take action to prevent further problems.

This page describes the process we commonly follow to enforce our community standards, however it is not a guarantee of rights. As an organization which does not rely on government funding, we reserve the right to refuse admittance or remove any individual from any event at any time.


When we receive a report of concerning behavior our staff did not directly witness, we usually attempt to gather as much information as possible by:

  • Talking to the reporter, possible witnesses, people accused of improper behavior, or others we may think are necessary.
  • Reviewing any available surveillance footage, logs, and physical evidence.

Code of Conduct complaints and the interviews we conduct with community members are by default confidential. We cannot share the specifics with you unless the individual allows this.

Disciplinary Action

When we believe that concerning behavior has occurred, we will take disciplinary action, which may include:

  • Verbal or written warning
  • Calling a parent or guardian
  • Removal from a program without a refund
  • Suspension from participating in future programs for a period of time
  • Suspension from participating in future programs forever

Which actions we take depend on the specific facts and circumstances. We have higher expectations of older students and volunteers, and afford significantly less leniency.

In some situations, we may remove or suspend a student based on the behavior of their parent or guardian if we believe it's necessary to ensure the event is successful.

Trust and Safety Team Review

Program staff and volunteers provide information on the investigation and disciplinary action to our Trust and Safety team, who review each incident. Trust and Safety will notify you of any changes to the final disciplinary action by email.


All investigations will be treated as confidentially as possible external to the parties involved in the incident and investigation.

We will not share specific conclusions of an investigation with someone not associated with the investigation or incident except:

  • With a parent or guardian, if you are under 18.
  • With a teacher or school administrator, if you are under 18 or register as part of a school group.
  • When the incident involves a venue receiving governmental funding, as required to allow compliance with Title IX or other laws or regulations.
  • To meet an applicable law, regulation, legal process, or enforceable governmental request, or to protect against harm to property or safety.
  • When required to process a related insurance claim.


You may appeal a removal or suspension by emailing, in which case our Trust and Safety team will conduct its own, independent investigation and provide a final decision.

If an appeal of a removal is successful after a program has ended, we will provide you with a refund.

We may deny to hear an appeal for any reason, including if the incident took place in the distant past, if you or a parent have threatened legal action, or if you or a parent pose an ongoing safety risk.


We will attempt to block your registrations while suspended on the basis of name and email. If you are able to register for a program while suspended, you may be turned away without a refund or tresspassed.

We may prevent you from participating in our programs if you are suspended from certain partner programs. You may appeal these suspensions directly to Trust and Safety team as described above.

Likewise, we may allow certain partner programs to query our final list of suspensions if you attempt to register for their event. We do not provide these partners with any details of our investigation or conclusions.