Code of Conduct

Our programs are about building a community. While we recognize that you may be more introvert than extrovert, please try your best to be as friendly to other community members as is comfortable for you.

Please be open to providing help to other community members, and don't be overly competitive. Respect, encourage, and support others. Be humble, even when you're successful.

If there's an opportunity, pitch your project, and ask if others want to join.

Program rules can be flexible, just ask.

Many of our programs have specific rules. For example, you're not allowed to start your CodeDay project before the event.

Program-specific rules are often flexible, but only if you ask first. For example, starting your project before CodeDay will disqualify you from the top overall awards, but is otherwise fine.

This isn't a dating event.

Please don't "hit on" other attendees, even if you think they're receptive. People attend our programs because they want to make something cool and have fun, not find a romantic partner.

If you attend with an existing romantic partner, this rule does not apply, but we may ask each of you to confirm. In this case, please keep romantic expressions appropriate.

Please clean up after yourself.

The math on this is simple: 100 people cleaning up after themselves might take 5 minutes, but 1 volunteer cleaning up after 100 people will take 500 minutes.

Be a good neighbor.

We expect everyone to respect each other, and that includes helping create an environment where we can all succeed; please try not to disrupt other community members.

For example, don't play loud music, participate in excessive gaming, make lots of noise at night, or talk while someone is presenting.

Don't use sexualized images or excessive violence.

Our programs encourage creativity, but not at the expense of making some people excessively uncomfortable.