Code of Conduct

This probably goes without saying, but breaking the law is, well, illegal. If you do so, we may report it, call the police, and/or take disciplinary action of our own.

One common example: we might remove you from an event if you're pirating a movie. That might sound extreme, but in order for us to maintain a good relationship with our venues and school partners, we need everyone to stay legal.

You might have to sign a waiver.

Everyone who participates in our in-person events may be required to sign a waiver. (If you're a minor, your parent or guardian will be required to sign instead.) If you do not sign a required waiver, you might not be able to participate for liability reasons.

Don't be business-y.

Our community is about fun and creativity, not business. You're not allowed to require someone to sign an agreement or NDA to work on a project as part of one of our programs.

By working on something in our programs, you're agreeing to split ownership of any intellectual property (copyrights, trademarks, patents, etc) equally between everyone who worked on it, excluding any staff, volunteers, and mentors.

We (SRND) do not claim ownership of any intellectual property, but by participating you do give us rights to use images, videos, etc of you and your projects.