We run unusually exciting events to get kids interested in coding.

SRND is a nonprofit which increases diverse CS enrollment worldwide. Its programs, including CodeDay, have created more than 25,000 new programmers in nearly 50 cities.

An Industry-Wide Problem

Only 20% of technical workers at leading tech companies are women, and fewer than 10% are Black or Latino.

Governments and non-profits have tried to close this opportunity gap by offering CS classes at every high school, but few underrepresented students are choosing to enroll.

SRND's programs attract students with no prior interest in coding, and inspire them to give it a try. More than 70% of new coders who attend are still programming several months later.


SRND's best-known program, CodeDay, is a 24-hour programming marathon which is held simultaneously three times each year in nearly 50 cities.

Each CodeDay weekend, thousands of students spend 24 hours making fun apps and games of their own design. Along the way, they attend workshops, get help from mentors, and participate in fun activites like no-hands typing contents and slideshow improv. Despite being mostly beginners, CodeDay attendees create hundreds of apps and games each season.

Since 2011, more than 35,000 students have attended over 350 CodeDays across the US and Canada.

To attend a CodeDay near you, email press@srnd.org. You can see past projects at showcase.srnd.org.

History and Current Team

SRND (formerly StudentRND) was founded in 2009 in Bellevue, Washington by Edward Jiang. In 2012 SRND began expanding CodeDay across the US, reaching 25 cities by 2014, and 40 in 2016. In 2017, SRND started running programs for students in Canada and Mexico.

SRND has been led by Tyler Menezes since mid-2014, when he replaced the organization's founder as Executive Director. The organization currently consists of several full- and part-time employees, a Board of Directors with years of startup, enterprise, and education experience, and more than 300 volunteers and contractors.