Sponsor Guide

Welcome! If you're reading this, it's likely because you've signed on to support diverse CS education by becoming a CodeDay sponsor.

Thank you! You're the best!

We created this guide to give you an overview of how to make the most of your CodeDay sponsorship. It's broken up into sections for each of the usual perks we provide to sponsors; some might not apply to you, and there might be a few differences between what this guide expects and what specifically you were promised in exchange for your support. Your conversations with CodeDay staff have priority over anything in this guide.

If you've sponsored other events like this before, you might already have some idea of what to expect. We still recommend you at least skim the sections relevant to your sponsorship; CodeDay has some differences from a traditional hackathon.

Soft Deadlines

  • Volunteer Recruitment (If Applicable): start six weeks before CodeDay, end Wednesday before CodeDay
  • Submit Logo, Blurb, and other Company Info: four weeks before CodeDay
  • Submit Workshop Info (If Applicable): two weeks before CodeDay
  • Submit Award Info (If Applicable): two weeks before CodeDay

(National sponsors: see the National-Level Benefits page for additional deadlines.)