Sponsor Guide

Because of the limited number of awards, most sponsorships do not include the ability to present an award. If yours does, read on to learn more!

If you will be presenting an award, please make specific arrangements with your contact at least two weeks prior to the event.

Type of Award

Most sponsorships are for a co-branded existing award, e.g. "Top Overall, presented by Widgeco." You have the option of several awards to co-brand (although not all may be available):

  • Top Overall
  • Best Game (think "second place in games category")
  • Best App (think "second place in apps category")
  • 0-to-60 (presented to the beginner team which learned the most)
  • MVP (presented to an attendee who helped everyone else the most)

Custom Awards

In some cases, we also allow sponsors to present a company-specific prize. For example, a company might present the "Widgeco Most Creative Award", the "Mobileco Best Mobile App Award", or the "Virtualco Best Use of VR Award".

If you're interested in branding this type of award, let your contact know. To preserve the culture of the events, we don't allow more than one per event, and require that it apply to a "theme" (e.g. mobile game) and not a product (e.g. a specific company's mobile gaming API).


Most sponsors do not offer any prize to attendees. CodeDay does not advertise prizes, and most students who attend are motivated by pure interest. As such, we encourage most companies to use other sponsorship benefits to motivate interest.

That said, if you would like to offer attendees a prize, we recommend the following types of prizes (in order of usual attendee preference):


The total value of a prize must be less than $100 per person.

Teams who are eligible for prizes may be from 1-6 people. The average size of a team which wins an award is 3.7 people. Because of the uncertainty in exactly how many prizes to award, you may want to order the actual prizes later, and have them shipped to attendees.