Sponsor Guide

Getting employees involved in the community can be a great way to increase their engagement and work satisfaction, and CodeDay provides a number of great opportunities for all commitment levels.

(If your company is just starting a volunteerism program, we recommend heavily promoting the judging opportunity: past sponsors have found that it's an easy ask for new volunteers.)

We recommend you start recruiting volunteers six weeks before CodeDay. For the best experience, employees should sign up at least two weeks prior to CodeDay, however our hard cut-off for volunteers is the Wednesday prior to CodeDay.

Blurbs are provided at the bottom of this page for you to copy.

Volunteer Positions

  • Mentor: Saturday, 2+ hour shifts from 2pm-10pm. Programmers, designers, and project managers.
  • Judge: Sunday, 9am-12pm. No prerequisites.


We can manage the volunteer recruitment process: just can have employees sign up at https://codeday.org/volunteer with their work email.

Alternatively, you can send us an Excel sheet listing: first name, last name, email, and judge or mentor. Please email the sheet to sponsor_ticketing@codeday.org. You can send updated sheets as necessary.

The latest deadline for mentor/judge ticketing is the Wednesday before the event.


CodeDay is a 24-hour, tech event which gets diverse students to start coding. Over 70% of attendees with no prior experience continue programming after.

We're looking for judges and mentors to help students have a great and successful weekend.

If you're interested, register at codeday.org/volunteer, or just reply to this email with your desired position.

(Insert date and location of your sponsored event.)

Low Commitment: Judging

CodeDay judges get to talk to student teams 1-1 and try their apps and games, watch student presentations, and then present several awards on the basis of creativity, effort, and polish. It's a low-pressure way to meet students in the community.

Time: Sunday of the event, from 9am through noon.
Requirements: None
Training: We send judges a one-page guide the week before the event, and brief them when they arrive. No additional training is needed.

Medium Commitment: Mentoring

Mentors help students learn to make great projects. They patrol an assigned section of the event, looking for students experiencing problems. Help is usually needed with higher-level problems -- more "how should I approach this problem" and less "how do I use this particular technology".

Time: Saturday of the event; two-hour shifts starting at 2pm.
Requirements: Technical, design, or product management job role or background Training: We request that first-time mentors join a one-hour training call in the two weeks prior to the event.