Sponsor Guide

You help make our events possible, and we love to show our appreciation for your support!


Good press helps us all! If you are a global or year-long multi-region sponsor, we can work with your PR team to tailor local press releases to showcase your support. Here's an example of previous coverage.

If you're not a global or multi-region sponsor, you are still welcome to promote your company's involvement in the press, however we may not be able to help in detail. CodeDay blurbs and pre-cleared photos are available at srnd.org/press. We will make ourselves available for interview if helpful, just email press@srnd.org.

Social Media

If you're a global sponsor, or sponsor multiple regions for more than a year, we'll promote your company's support on our Twitter (~12k followers) and Facebook (~4k followers) before/during each event.

Feel free to share your organization's support of CodeDay on your own social media, your mailing list, or internally! We have a few resources to make that easier:

Photo Filters

We've made it easy to add #CodeDay to your social media profile pictures: just select a filter and upload your logo here, then download the result!

CodeDay Photos

If you need a photo for a tweet, newsletter, etc, feel free to use any from our press page.


Use the hashtag #CodeDay for maximum visibility. We often have tweets with #CodeDay displayed on the projector at events.

We recommend you say something about why your company supports inclusivity or tech education in text of the post. We also regularly repost and retweet posts from our sponsors.

Logo/Blurb Placements

General Promotion

Most sponsors will be promoted in the following locations:

Promotion for Multi-Region and Global Sponsors

We recognize sponsors who support multiple regions for a year and global sponsors as follows: