Sponsor Guide

In general, we've found that sponsors who make employee engagement a key factor of their sponsorship strategy (that is, sponsors who bring mentors) do better than sponsors who only set up a booth and distribute swag.

That said, all sponsors are welcome to set up a booth and distribute swag at CodeDay; if you plan to do so, please coordinate with your local event contact at least a week before the event.

Global Distribution of Swag

If you're sponsoring in multiple regions or globally, you can ship your swag to us, and we will distribute it to all your supported events for you.

Small boxes can be sent directly to our office:

425 15th Ave E
Office 466
Seattle WA 98112

Please coordinate directly with your contact for larger boxes.

We must have your swag in-hand at least ten days prior to an event to be distributed. (We recommend you target at least a day early in case your shipment is delayed for any reason.)