Sponsor Guide

Some sponsorships include the ability to host a workshop. Please be sure to let us know if you'll be hosting a workshop ASAP, and get us final details at least three weeks out so we can get it scheduled.

When hosting a workshop, we recommend choosing a subject which focuses on a fun outcome, rather than a lecture. For example, "Build A Game Live in 45min!" is much better than "Intro to Game Development". Your workshop design should follow -- in fact, we recommend minimizing the use of slides and using hands-on work whenever possible.

National Workshops

If you're a national sponsor and want to schedule a workshop to be held across the US, we can either train our staff to teach your workshop, or we can live-stream it to all events. Let your SRND contact know your preference as soon as possible so we can get started.

Coding Challenges

A coding challenge is a fun way to end a workshop, and the only opportunity we usually allow to offer a prize. For example, if you're teaching a workshop on Mobile App development, you could offer an iTunes gift card for the first student to create an app meeting some requirements. (See the section on Awards for more info on what makes a good prize.)

Example Workshops

Here are some workshops that have gone well in the past. (You should choose a catchier title, though!) If your company is interested in teaching a similar workshop, let us know -- we may have previous slides and speakers notes you can modify to save time.


Most companies which host a coding workshop teach about a technology their company produces. If your company doesn't directly a developer-focused tool or SDK, however, you can find an engineer who works on any of these popular topics:

  • Intro to AI/Machine Learning
  • Intro to Android or iOS Development
  • Intro to Web Development
  • Intro to Big Data
  • Intro to React
  • Intro to Bots
  • Intro to Functional Programming
  • Refactoring Code: How and Why
  • Robotics Activities
  • City Data
  • Security and Passwords
  • Hands-on IoT
  • Setting up a Server
  • Modern DevOps
  • How to Make VR Games


  • Why Design? (How design can be used for good and evil, and what a career can look like.)
  • Effective UX (What is UX, how you can spot it, and how to make it better.)
  • Narrative Game Design
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator

Project Management

  • Quick Steps to MVP
  • Agile Development
  • Software Development Lifecycle


  • Software Engineering Careers
  • Getting an Internship
  • Non-Technical Careers in Tech
  • How to Start a Startup