Code of Conduct

SRND, which runs programs like CodeDay, is a fun community to be involved with. We make new friends, and build cool apps and games together, and have a lot of fun. To make it welcoming for as many people as possible, we need everyone's help.

Please be friendly and welcoming.

  • Respect, encourage, and support others.
  • Be humble, even when you're successful.
  • Behave ethically and conduct yourself with pride.
  • Don't use offensive language referring to people's gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, or disabilities. Don't use sexualized language or imagery.
  • Don't “hit on” other attendees, even if you think the person is receptive.

Keep things safe and legal.

  • Ensure the safety of yourself and others. Do not carry guns, knives, or other weapons. Deescalate conflicts when possible; get staff help when not.
  • Abstain from using or being under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, illicit substances, and recreational drugs.

Community members may not harass others.

Harassment includes words or behavior which are intended to disparage, demean, mock, or intimidate a person or group, and unwanted contact of a sexual nature. People who participate in harassment are not welcome in our community, even when this behavior takes place outside our events.