We sometimes share information with third-parties to process it. Here's who they are.

Although we try to minimize our reliance on third-parties who interact with your data, we do sometimes need to share it.

We share information with the following partners so they can process it for us:

  • Cognito Forms: Information you provide when submitting certain forms.
  • MaxMind: Your IP address, to retrieve your likely city and similar information.
  • Delighted: Your name and email, to survey you about your experience in our programs.

If you register for and use an SRND account, your data may be transmitted to third-party apps you choose to share it with. A few common apps include:

  • Google GSuite: Directory information when you register for an SRND account, as well as any data you provide directly.


If you make a purchase (or attempt to make a purchase), information will be transmitted to our payment gateway, Stripe, as well as to your card issuer or bank (where it will be used pursuant to your agreement with them).

Additionally, we may transmit technical information about your browser (such as an IP address and user agent) and anonymized identifiers to Stripe for the purpose of fraud detection.


If you send or recieve a call/chat/text/email, the contents of the message are shared with your provider, as well as one or more of our providers:

If you send us physical mail, we may request that the following services open, scan, and send us a PDF of your mail:

If you request that we ship you something, your name, phone number, address, and shipment details may be shared with:

Server Hosting Providers

We do not own our own datacenters. Instead, we rely on "cloud" and colocation providers for our services. Many network requests you make will be transmitted through our providers' networks, and data will be stored on their computers. Data protection agreements prevent these companies from using your data except as we direct them.

Non-Student Services

If you use services which are intended primarially for schools, parents, sponsors, volunteers, or partners, we share information with:

  • Salesforce: Directory information and information about our interactions.
  • Facebook: Unique device identifiers to help us remarket our ads.
  • Twitter: Unique device identifiers to help us remarket our ads.
  • Google: Unique device identifiers to help us remarket our ads.